That's me

Alejandro Ramirez Perez

(or just Alex)

BSc in Computer Systems Engineering

about me

I like to code, enjoy music, take pictures, and I write every once in a while. Wanna connect with me? Or wanna shoot me an email?



My last job was working as DevOps Intern [ February 2018 - August 2018 ] at Wizeline, a Silicon Valley-based company which is growing exponentially its tech operations in Mexico. Working as DevOps, I helped Wizeline grow their Roadmap platform and release new features. I also helped develop and maintain internal tools to ease the development lifecycle.

Before joining the Infra Team, I worked as Software Engineer Intern [ October 2016 - June 2017 ] also at Wizeline. As SWEi, I worked first with the Wizeline Chatbot platform, developing what would become the second Wizeline product: chatbots. After realizing that bots were a market worth exploring, I joined the Consultancy side of the company to develop bots for clients. There, I developed APIs to be used by our bots, and also integrated external services to give superpowers to our clients.

My first job, tho, was as Research Assistant [ August 2016 - October 2016 ] at Signa_lab, a multidisciplinary lab at my alma mater where technology and sociology are combined to try to understand social phenomena from a different perspective. At Signa_lab, I developed a tool to download and process Twitter datasets that helped the team increase by x10 the ammount of tweets that they were able to download.

my tech stack


When it comes to web development, I do mostly back-end stuff, but I have also worked with front-end, and now I'm trying the DevOps-y side of technology.

I use mostly Node.js for my projects because I find it super easy to setup and use. I have also used Ruby on Rails (also for the ease of prototyping), and Python (Flask and Falcon) for developing APIs. On the front-end side, I'm more familiar with Vue.js, I've used it for basically all of my projects, but I have some basic understanding of how React works.

In general terms, I have also used Python both for personal projects and work, C/C++ and Java (up to Java 8 with JavaFX) for school, and I've also used Go to develop some Serverless functionality for IoGym, a school project.

I have used SQL databses (MySQL, sqlite, MS SQL Server, and PostgreSQL) and NoSQL too (MongoDB, RethinkDB, and DynamoDB) both for work and side projects.

Also, I have experience using Docker and Kubernetes, running projects on Amazon Web Services, and setting Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery for projects on Jenkins, Circle CI, and Travis.

Last but not least, I have some knowledge of mobile development, both for Android and iOS.



I graduated from my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems Engineering 🎉 from ITESO on December, 2018.

On 2017, I did a semester abroad at the University of Oulu, in Oulu, Finland from August to December.

In 2014, when I entered university, I received the Human Excelence Scholarship granted by the university to highschool students with good grades and participation on extra-curricular activities.

talks and other suff


During my last semester of uni (November, 2018), I gave an introductory talk + workshop about Git, its inner workings and basic functionality. It was aimed at students from early semesters, so they could get started using it. If you're interested, you can check the slides for the presentation and the repository with the scripts and commands used (it's only in Spanish, tho :/).

I have been lecturer for Wizeline Academy about NoSQL databases at Tec de Monterrey Guadalajara; I also lectured about chatbots and the way we developed them three times, twice as part of the Wizeline Academy Bots Crash-course (Guadalajara and Ciudad de Mexico) and once at the biggest tech fair in the country (Campus Party 2017). My last Academy was teaching about Node.js and how it works for +150 guests at Wizeline. I also taught an introduction course and workshop to RESTful APIs at Talent Land 2018 at ITESO's booth.

As part of the Wizeline Academy program, I have also been a mentor for the Bots Crash-course and several JavaScript and Vue.js workshops.

As member of the Department Council at my university, I helped organize the first technology congress in over 10 years; and in early 2018, to organize ITESO's booth at Talent Land 2018, which was the most successful booth in the whole fair according to the organizers.